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At SPS we encourage kids and family to explore, discover, and learn about the outdoors. We hope to see you out there.


Forest Discovery

This is a new program for 2018 with a number of classes ranging from pant education, animal education, nature & Native American based games, team building, and unstructured outdoor learning. 

Plant Identification Walk

For 2018 SPS will be doing a number of free walks for different state parks in Alabama and Georgia.

After School & Home School Programs

SPS have put together a number of different outdoor activities for schools and home school programs alike. These programs are designed to get the kids outside learning, playing, and loving the outdoors. 


Survival themed programs are very hands on and we typically only used what we can find out in the wild and what can be found in a basic survival kit. 


Programs that are designed around the local wild plants in the area. Unlike the Survival theme programs. Here we will learn about foraging and prepare these with modern convenience for modern use. 

Special Services

Shooting a Azimuth at a Survival Class

Natural Folk Healing

Using folk traditions and plant based nutrition, we will sit down and come up with a herbal healing diet to help your mind, body, and soul.

Private Property Herbal Plant Walk

I do make house calls and do property walks and help people identify their local plant life.

Campfire Talks and Presentations


No upcoming events.

About SPS

Collinsville Outdoor program Spring of 2017

Outdoor Education

Spending more quality time outside with your family and why it's important.

Backpacking with my father up in the Sierra nevadas mountain range in California

How you can help kids

If you want to help kids get out and learn, read more about the SPS tuition donation program.

Presenting my Homemade rootbeer to coworkers at Nippersink Lodge during a summer camp session.

About Robert and SPS

Who he learned from. How long he has been traching. Where SPS is going.

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