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I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life. My fondest childhood memories are of backpacking with my father, starting at a early age of 7 year old. It was there I learned the beauty of nature and know that was what I wanted to be involved with. It was in these formable years I would learn and build a deep respect for the woods. It was these trips with my father that where very much “grab and go” trips that built a lot of my skills and understanding for the nature world though personal experience and a lot of mistakes. My experience with my dad would include Backpacking, Snowshoe backpacking, Cross country skiing yes with backpacks, and even overnight trips on bicycles. Up until I moved away to Alabama, we would go out backpacking every year. Now its every few years, but I get to take my son out with me using my old childhood backpack.  

As a teen we lived in the foothills of California where I got a lot of experience roaming the foot hills. I was being homeschooled for a time which left me with a lot of time in the woods. It was at this time I wished I was more knowledgeable about “woodlore” and Survival skills. I started to learn how to survive in nature with as little as I could imagine. I would take trips alone down to the river where I would fish and hunt for crawdads, while I explored the mountain side. It was during this time I got used to being out in the woods alone and had to rely on my common sense and years of backpacking in the wild with my dad as to not get lost. How I never got lost, eaten by a mountain lion or bitten by a snake who knows, but It’s a part of my life I loved. 

Before joining the service, I wanted to teach to kids what I was never able to be taught myself. This is actually when I came up with the name of my Business “Seven Pines Survival” don’t know why I chose it but it would stick with me for another 15 plus years. At the age of 17 I got my GED and joined the Army as a 13 fox (Fire Support Specialist) turning down Recon training because I could leave sooner. I request basic training at Fort Benning GA as oppose to Fort Sill, wanted the hardest and best. I would end up at Fort Sill for my Artillery support training, this is where I learned my land navigation. It is one of my most favorite, loved skills I have. Something about orienteering that just hits home with me. I served in the military for 8 years and a year deployment in Baghdad Iraq. While deployed I got to take part in one of the only Artillery fire missions within the city. Across from the oil refinery there is a bend in the Tigris river before it snakes around. There is an island where they use to set mortar and fire on the FOB. Giving us the chance to return fire.

After my time in the military I got back into the outdoors and learned a lot of the things I was never able to. I broadened my knowledge to herbal studies: utilitarian, medicinal and edible. I took many classes from different people expanding my horizon and knowledge as to what’s around me. I went out and worked for anyone who was teaching outdoor related stuff. 

I created Seven Pines Survival to teach but more importantly, to give kids the opportunity to learn what wasn’t available to me. Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am now if classes were not available for adults, so I try to keep a good mix of classes. I created the name “The Traveling Herbalist” because I felt it was fitting seeing how I take my classes to different location. Essentially bringing the class to you. While I teach a lot of animal related stuff, herbal knowledge is what I always come back to. 

The Traveling Herbalist

If you would like to get in touch with Robert you can contact him on Facebook as “The Traveling Herbalist” you can also e-mail Him at Feel free to talk with him and ask questions, he will be more then happy to help you out with what ever you need.

As of 2019 you can find multiple videos about collecting maple sap and making syrup out of it. Keep an eye out for other videos regarding Pine trees. 

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