Seven Pines Survival, LLC

What SPS is about

At an early age our founder envisioned an outdoor school for kids and family. Teaching people how to participate with nature and better their own lives. In 2015 Seven Pines Survival was officially founded and 2 years later got its own insurance and contracts to do business in state parks in both Alabama and Georgia. 

SPS wants to reconnect family and kids to the natural world around us, we want to show you how to add your story to the history of the natural world. We believe the best way to do this is by participating in hands-on experiences outdoors in the natural world. Learn what you can do in the natural world and what it can do for you. With a wide range of programs that are flexible for families, small groups and clubs, home schoolers, and our public schools we are here to get you outside or bring the natural world to you. By doing this we re-connect people to our natural world and creating a new found understanding and respect for the wilderness. When it comes to protecting our wild lands, wild life private and public parks. Understanding, appreciating, connecting and participating with the natural world brings about a desire to protect our wild lands, wild life, as well as private and public parks. 

As our business Motto says “Nature, it’s not just to gaze upon, but to participate with.” We want to get people outside and participating with nature. To do this we came up with the philosophy of “Explore, Discover, and Learn” the process of learning and connecting with nature. One of our areas of thought is that to master something we need to accomplish these aspects “Knowledge, Experience, and Symbolism.” In the process of accomplishing these goals one will build other skills like “Intuition, Awareness, and Connection.” all of which builds a respect and a deeper understanding of yourself and the natural world around you.

It is our hope to not only educate people about the natural world around them that they are connected to. But we want to be connected to these communities as well. Its are goal to have a large verity of free programs for the communities that we are a part of. 

If you are wanting to help Seven Pines Survival, we are always looking for a variety of people with different talents young or old. We are always looking for people to help us with art, SPS needs musical talents as well, as well with editors. As we grow, we will need additional hands on help as well. If it’s something your interested in and you have something to offer feel free to contact us. We will try our best to compensate you for your talents and work.

Art Work

The Seven Pines Survival Logo that you see above was hand drawn by my mother Rocky Bellew. She made the black and white version and later colored it in. She did a wonderful job representing the business and what it stands for. 

The other SPS logo is a more simplistic concept that was put together to include some elemental symbolism and meaning in the design. We have both patches and leather patches of this logo that will come with badges and other hand made products. 

SPS doesn't sell a lot of products and there are no plans to do so in the future. However, what we do sell is handmade and personal recipes are used.

Who we are


Web and Material Editors

SPS has to people who has put a lot of hours, sweat, and frustration editing all the material that is used and handed out. Marilyn Wilson and Rocky Bellew our SPS only editors and while time doesn't allow every sentence that is made to be checked. They still put in many hours making sure everything makes sense and ledgable. Or try to :)

Art work designers

While I talked about the person who created the main Logo. There is some other art work that has been made for SPS in a few mini plant books. Liberty made me 5 beautiful plant drawings that are in plant specific books.


Robert trys to take as many photos as he can while teaching. But a lot of photos were given to him by parents as well. Thank you to those parents for sharing their memories and allowing the rest of use to get ot share them with you.