Alabama Forest Classroom

Familys lets learn together!

Alabama Forest Classroom will be done on the weekends to open it up to school kids. Starting in April SPS will be hosting several outdoor educational classes from plant educations to Nature awareness. If you would like to learn more about these classes, you can follow the link Nature Classroom or Plant Discovery Class. These class will be every other week at DeSoto State Park. These class will be a all in one class starting with the Nature Classroom in the morning and after lunch will have the second-class Plant Discovery Class.

Originally this class was design to allow you to drop your child off in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon. But in a effort to make my class more family in mind a parent or guardian that is over 18 will need to stay and participate. Unlike my homeschooler version of these classes, each weekend will be independent of the other. But the classes are still open to parents who want to help out and participate in the learning.


You can follow this link to SPS facebook page. Feel free to ask question or contact SPS at or txt/call (209) 559-0040


Unlike traditional educations we will be learning outside at the Nature Classroom that the park helped built just for these classes, with access to public bathrooms. Make sure you pack a lunch for your child(s) and a snack. Along with your packed lunch make sure and provide your child with a canteen filled with water, they will be able to refill this canteen though out the day. But they will be told to bring their canteen with them everywhere they go.


Being an outdoor education class weather play a critical role in how each class is presented. While the Nature Classroom is very flexible for weather conditions the Plant Discovery Class isn’t as flexible. If you coming to these classes always be prepared for wet weather and bring rain coat/ponchos and rain boots. Kids like to jump in puddles the Nature Classroom is all about hands on experience with the natural world sunny or rainy. The Plant Discovery Class has paper journals which will need to stay dry, so class may be re arrange allowing for the best learning experience possible. Class will be chanced for server weather to including lighting and heavy winds and tornados. But rain without the possibility of server weather is a great opportunity to experience nature.

Class Cancellations

In case a class is cancelled due to weather or medical problems the class will be reschedule for the following Sunday if possible.


Alabama Forest Classroom will cost $25 per family for the day.

If you wish to buy the SPS Journal Kit it is an extra $10 per

Pay for the full year per student:

Alabama Forest Classroom - $300 for 16 days/classes saving you about $100 plus includes a free Journal Kit

Payments and Sign ups

I prefer cash or checks but I will add a PayPal option as well per class

If you sign up for all 16 classes and pay in 1 to 2 instalments.

SPS tries to keep its classes as cheap as possible and provides you with the best possible class, but prices can add up real fast for large families. So if you  cant offered the standard amount please contact SPS before signing up. 

When you Register for the class and chose PayPal, SPS will send you an invoice by e-mail to pay. If you want to pay in 2 Installments, please note that in your registration message.

DeSoto State Park

SPS has long history working with Desoto doing outdoor education and have built a good relationship with the park and its staff. Desoto has even created a special location to hold these classes that is away from the general public with access to bathrooms. 

Classes and Dates

As long as I have parent helpers I wont be putting a student cap on the class lower then 20 students. Breif desription of each class will be added soon.

Sign up!!

To Register for class please e-mail me at or call/txt (209) 559-0040 and register. I’ll need to know your name, your children names and ages, if you want to pay in person or by PayPal, and the dates you want to attended. Make sure on the subject you put Alabama Forest Classroom in the subject line, so I know which Class you want to attend.