Backpacking is a great way to get outside see nature and get some exercise in. Backpacking take a lot of different forms with different goals in mind. Backpacking as becoming very popular and you can expect to run into people very often out on the trail especially the Appalachian trail (A.T.). SPS provides a few different forms of backpacking but typically we do a more relaxed form of it, we don’t focus heavily on distance travel, but like to enjoy our time out in nature and have a good meal. 

We have our own set up for backpacking and is design to be easy, light weight, durable, and inexpensive but good quality. The gear is not ultra-light weight gear, but you can expect to have the whole set up to weight less then 30 LBS. 

We have a few different courses available (hopefully by mid-2019). DeSoto backpacking trip are design for the beginner, the person who maybe been camping/glamping but always wanted to try backpacking. Easy over night class to get you familiar with the gear and the idea of backpacking in a safe location that isn’t as remote as the national forest. Our more hide speed class will range about a week long and is design to teach you more in-depth skill to backpacking. While the trip in DeSoto is a guide lead trip, the latter one is more of a student lead trip. 

Class that SPS provide is both women only class and Co-ed classes. You can expect all your gear to be provided for to include meal for 2019. Read about the specific classes below. If you participated in a DeSoto lead Backpacking trip in the last few years and want to take part in the more advance trip SPS will give you a small discount. 

Past Backpacking trips

SPS hasn't had a opptunity to take a lot of photos of backpacking trips over the years but here are a few. 

BP Photos

About Our Programs


Beginner backpacking at Desoto

This is design for the person who has never been backpacking but wants to try it. No experience in backpacking, camping, or the outdoors needed. We provide everything you need and you enjoy a guided night out in the woods.  

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Extended Backpacking trip

You gone backpacking, you know you like spending a weekend on the trail. This is for you, extend backpacking trip lead by the students. Get deeper hands on training in backpacking along with some great leadership skill training as well. 

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Day long Course

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