My first year of teaching was built around Bushcraft activities, in 2014 I hosted 37 Bushcraft type classes with the majority of them free. Most of these classes were design as a DIY class to build/make something. I think for that year I had in total around 100 students I think is a good estimation.

My Bushcraft classes at the longest are a day long. These classes are open to the individual adult or family. I do allow older kids to be dropped off for these classes as well. Typically, these classes are at a single location or in a given area which make it possible to do larger classes and allow kids to be dropped off. If there are any exception to this is will be stated in the class description. 

Separating Bushcraft from survival is a hard task because in a lot of ways Bushcraft is the same. I thought of Bushcraft is the use of primitive skills and knowledge in the modern world with modern resources. Survival falls under this but when I tech survival skills its based around certain essential skill you will need and being properly prepared. So, my Bushcraft class are basically all independent lessons and include skills bases class and DIY class. Because on of the fun activity and making things to use while you participate with the natural world around you. Be it exploring, camping, fishing, hunting, or just spending a day in the woods.

2014 Buchcraft at DeSoto

If you are interstead in viewing some of the photos I took you can check them out below. There are not a lot there due to the fact it was my first year teaching and I had no one taken photos for me. 

Below that is a link to download the 2014 flyer of activity's I did if your interested in one of those classes. In some point I will be adding those back into my schedule. 

Thank you to all who participated in these class. 

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Bushcraft Classes


Knife Safety and Wood curving

Knife Safety is included in many of my classes, but this type of class is special. Over the years I have had many students use my knives and make things out of wood and its been very un-eventful. I take great care and caution in these class and provide you with as much information on technique as possible. More Information with classes and class details will be added soon.


DIY Crafts

Nothing say Bushcraft like making your own gear and buying cool gadgets. SPS prefers the former, choosing teaching rather then selling. Personaly I started making my own stuff along time ago and have moved on to even making my own cloths and shoes. I have a base of alot of basic DIY stuff but will be adding more advance things soon. More Information with Classes and class details will be added soon. 



Done only a few times during the year, this is a chance to learn how to do the Bowdrill in a small class setting. We will go over all the fundamentals and the class will only end when you give up. More Information with classes and class details will be added soon.



FIRE! Is probable one of the funniest skills to learn. You get to go out and gather everything you need from nature, put it all together is a cool structure, and then with great anticipation, you get to BURN IT DOWN!! But this skill is probably one of the most destructive forces in nature but also a rescourse that we couldent be were we are with out it. SPS has a in-depth curriculum about it with a mini book (work in progress). Fire safety and leave no trace is also a big part of our curriculum. More Information with classes and class details will be added soon.


Cooking Over the campfire

Un benouce to Robert Wilson he is some what of a amature chief. Creating his own recipes and meals, he has been cooking for people for many years over the campfire and with food he went out and gathered, processed, and prepared himself. This isant a BBQ class this is more along the lines of backpacking or camping cooking. This is also different compared to SPS wild edible classes and wildcrafted meals that are offered. You can expect to learn how to cook over the campfire with basic gear and ingrediants.  More Information with classes and class details will be added soon.



Probably one of Roberts faviote skills and activitys. If you want to know why you can read about it in his bio. Right now these class are in development. The Curriculumn, locations, rescourse are being developed and purchased. These classes will come in different skill levels one building apon another. You can expect to learn basic orienteering techniques, map and compass, lat/long, grid, GPS, land association, and primitive/survival navigigation. SPS is hoping to have some classes aviliable by 2020 in the mean time you can expect to see some smaller classes included with other basic classes.