DeSoto Backpacking

Backpacking for Beginners

Since 2014 Robert Wilson have taught this class is one form or another. SPS has design his class as a way to get your feet weight in the idea of backpacking. Backpacking has become very popular over the years and everyone that has always wanted to try it is now really wanting to see if they like the idea of backpacking.

Your guide on this has been backpacking for 30 years, he absolute love the outdoors. Instead of doing football or baseball he was out on the weekends with his father hitting the trail and learning valuable skills. He was learning how to deal with wild life, how to navigate the trails, how to pack and cook meals, how to deal with different weather conditions, how to overcome the difficulty of walking with a pack on your back, how to maintain and fix his gear, what he did and didn’t need. All of these and many other skills he learned through trial and error.

While backpacking takes many forms with different goals in mind. From trail backpacking to cross county backpacking, ultra-light backpacking, thru hiking, glamp-packing. With goals like getting from point A to Point B, just spending a nice weekend at one location, seeing the sights, or getting in a good workout. We want to provide you with as much info as you need to not only decided if you like backpacking but how you like backpacking. 

This program is designed to get you outside with he basic gear you need in a safe location to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. We will go over all the basic activities you would have to do if your out backpacking. You will learn how to carry and pack a backpack, what you do and don’t want to bring with you, try all of the common backpacking gear, and we will teach you how to stay safe in the woods. 

Everything is all set up for you all the gear you will need, and food is provided. All you got to do and show up and bring a few personal items. If you decide you want to bring along a few extra things that is up to you. 

The backpacks and all the gear are designed to be under 30 LBS. If you are worried about long strenuous hikes, don’t be. DeSoto is a small park and over the course of the 2 days we wont even hike 5 miles. It is about 4 1/2 miles round trip, 2.7 miles to the back country site and about 1.7 miles from the back country site to the country store. More distance can be added to the trip up to a mile very easly by taking more scenic routs.  

This Program is broken up into co-ed and women’s only. Below is the list of each. If you want to take your family out backpacking or want to host a private backpacking trip you can contact us and we can arrange a date and price for it. 

Extended Backpacking trip

Want to go on a longer backpacking trip. Learn some team building skills and cooking over the fire. 

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Basic Class Info

We will meet up around 8 am at the Nature Center, we will handout and do gear checks. Talk about some basic principles related to packing, safety, and hiking.

Around Noon we will stop for lunch typically on the trail.

We will get to the backpacking site late afternoon

We will proceed going though all the steps to pitching camp and getting ready for that night

Dinner that evening with games and hanging around the camp fire

The next morning, we will make breakfast and strike camp, the goal is to be on the trail by no later than 11

About 2 hours after getting back on the trail we will be at the nature center where we will turn in all our gear and finishing up our trip. 


Some of the classes we will go over: gear check, packing your gear, wearing your backpack, proper clothing, how to dress and wear your clothing, wildlife safety, emergency procedure and equipment, Trail safety, trail etiquettes, trail rests, basic trail navigation, leave no trace, pitching camp, the 5 W’s, food cache, maintaining your gear, camp duties, bathroom etiquettes, and everything to do with: shelter, and water


Typically, class will only be canceled if sever weather is expected or if heavy rain is expected for the full trip. 

Price & Payment

Over night class price is $85 which includes all your gear, guide, dinner and breakfast. 

This class needs a minimum of 3 signs up. 

You have to pre-pay, you can pre-pay by check or PayPal (PayPal fee included). 

You need to give the minimum of a 2 weeks’ notice of cancelation to get a full refund.

If the trip is canceled due to weather, there will be an option to reschedule or a full refund will be given.

Contact Information

Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions or want to register for this class. 

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