DeSoto State Park

With 25 miles worth Hiking trails and 11 miles worth Bike riding trails. On 3, 502 acres and provides year around events for the public. How could you not love this park? SPS has been working with the park since 2014 and has built up a great relationship with the park. Desoto provide great opportunity's for their guest and a way to connect and enjoy nature that few other parks provides. Along with SPS the park provides hands on educational programs that will allows you to connect and learn from nature in a way that will build a greater appcication for the nature world around us. So please come and participate in nature with one of our programs we provide many different programs at a cost that cant be beat and a opportunity that you don't want to miss out on.

Summer Fun

Need something to do this summer and your visiting DeSoto Check out this list of ideas

Classes in DeSoto State Park

Signing up!!

To Register for class please e-mail SPS at or call/txt (209) 559-0040 and register. I’ll need to know your name, and anyone who will be attending with you, if you want to pay in person or by PayPal, and the dates you want to attend. Make sure on the subject line you put the class you want to attend in the subject line, so I know which Class you want to attend. 

Outdoor Classroom

Plant Eduction



Bushcraft Classes