Southern Folk Healing

Folk healing base on deep southern roots

Plants don’t just provide us with medicine, but they also provide us with food as well. This remind me of a quote Hippocrates “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. As we sit down and talk it not just about what plant has been used for what. We will also explore Nutrition support and how plants can help in that as well. 

So why traditional folk approach in the modern age? As a herbalist and a health and nutrition consultant its not my job to diagnose you. Why should I? That what are modern practitioner are good at. But sometimes knowing what wrong doesn’t fix the problem. As a lot of people will complain about, throwing money and pills at the problem doesn’t always salve the problem or sometimes cover the problem and lead to others. 

Using traditional folk healing and native plants bring this process to you in a more personal way. It helps to really get to know the person, get to know what’s wrong, and adds the connection to you and healing yourself. While sessional stuff more acute issue is for more easier in our busy life to take care with the main stream health care. But the chronic issue needs a more of a personal touch to it. Traditional folk healing does that and southern folk healing is all about you, your story, and what’s around you. 

What can you expect? Simply put not sitting around for an hour for a 5-minute consultation. You can expect to meet me at a public setting (Outside is my office) like the park or a café. We will talk about you and what is bothering you. Ill go home and spend how ever much time I need to advise you on some natural and nutritional support. I take a multi-step approach to help you out in your time of need. We look at what you can do know to help alleviate the situation, look at some long term approaches to help you, and how you can start healing and recovering. We don’t just look at the physical, we also consider the emotional and spiritual as well.  Never forget that mind body connection.

Lastly what does this cost you? Nothing but you time as a traditional folk healer I put my time and services out there for free. But I will only put in the effort that you put in as well. If you are feeling like you want to donate something in return you can donate to the Seven Pines Survival Tuitional Program. 

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