Forest Discovery Class

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While the Nature Discovery Class is about plants the Forest Discovery Class is about animals. The animals we will learn about is local animals, one you will come across if you wondered out in the woods or even your urban neighborhood. In some cases, even the larger cities will find some of these wild animals running around. 

With every class we will be learning about a new animal, we will be learning about this animal in detail. But memorizing their names and what they look like and how they live will not be the only thing we do. We will be looking for these animals as well, we will learn how to find these animals in the woods, how to identify signs these animals leave behind. 

We will even start learning about tracking and how to interpret tracks as well. We wont just be learning about individual tracks, but we will also start to engage in learning the past story of animal by its trail its leaves behind. What it could have been thinking, why it was doing what it was doing, where it was coming from why and where it might be going and why. 

While we will only have so much time and limited opportunity to see and learn from these animals. We have created a detailed little work book. In this work book is the majority of information we go over plus areas for your own research. As you complete each work book for each animal you will be rewarded with Tokens, Leather patches, and certification of completion. This a very rewarding hands on class.

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Basic Class Info

This program is 16 weeks long and we will meet on the same day at the same time every week. To get the most out of this program you should come to every class. Each week we will build on what we learn the pervious week. 

This class is designed for the family and ages 9 and up. A lot of extra information is provided so the parents can go home and reinforce what was tought and add onto as well. 

Full price for this program is $250 which includes all basic supplies and that for one kid and parent(s). If you don't want to comment for the for 16 weeks and pay by class its $20 for the day for the family (kid and parent(s)). These prices dont include park parking. 

The last half of the day after lunch is critical unlike the Nature Clas. We will be going out and putting what we learned to use and gaining the hands on experience. Don't forget to bring a lunch.

This class requires a smaller class size so space is limited but SPS needs a minimum of 5 students for this class.

Special Discounts

If you signed up and pay before Feburary 1st you get a 20% discount. That's $50 dollars off making this program $200 for the 16 weeks at $12.50 a day for the family. 

Weather & Dress

Weather always plays an important part with these classes. Unless the weather is server class wont be canceled. But dress for wet weather when needed to and dress warm on the cold days. We always suggest you dress in layers because as the day goes on and we become more active, you will warm up. 

Start & End dates

SPS would like to start this class begaing of Februry and ending in May. 

It will be every Friday same time for 16 weeks. 

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Additional learning aids

 Everything you could need will be provided. But additional resources can include the book "Mammal Tracks & Sign" is a good start. As we go through the program you will start to build a collection of resources and even your own tracking/casting  

Contact Information

Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions or want to register for this program.