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Seven Pines Survival wanted to create a way to make learning about plants easier and more personal. These journals are design to allow you to put as much information about a plant as possible. It was important to us and learning about plant to not focused on any one thing with plants. These journals are a discovery journal not just a edible medicinal note book for plants. 

At the moment each journal set come with a 20-page Materia Medica, Herbarium, and plant press enough to press 5 plants at a time. Within these journals there are a lot of information you can fill out; these journals are not meant for you to go out and research on the internet for the information. They are meant for you to go out and get your hand dirty and find first hand information. When taking the “Plant Discovery Classes” you will be given handout of these plant with the general information to go with your journal. But you are meant to find these plants in your local area and document them, to learn from them, and to make your own discoveries to pass do. 

These journals are also designed to be able to expand on and to add to. SPS will have a few different ways to combine multiple journals together into a larger field journal or even more of a book like journal. Over time you could build up your very one library of plants that your found in your own local area. 

The 2018 kits also include 4 four handout sheets that explain how to use both journals and what everything means. Instructional sheet handout for the Materia Medica, Advance Herbal Energetics handout sheet for the Materia Medica, Sketching plants handout for the Herbarium, and a handout about pressing and attaching your plant specimen to your Herbarium. 

These journals are gong to be the back bone of all of our programs that have to do with plants. They won’t be required but they will be a valuable assist in the coming years. While the last journal is not included yet but will be available soon is the stillroom Journal. Sorry this one doesn’t have anything to do with brewing. This is a medical type journal that allows you to note what you have used what plants for what, the symptoms, and outcome. While these journals are fare and few between these are a great resource to your learning and passing down information.   

Online Plant Discovery Class

These Journals go well with our online plant discovery class we are doing on Patreon. Every month we will go over a few plants at a location that is open to the public. Alowing you to follow in "The Traveling Herbalist" foot steps and see these plants in person. 

As we get more Patreon support we will add more videos per month. Check it out, and get more information about it here. 




These Journals were design and are made by hand by Robert Wilson “The Traveling Herbalist”. Because of that we are not actively selling them with all of the classes we do. But we always will have a few available and if you wish to purchase one feel free to contact Robert at

We also make Journal covers that can be used to expand and make a real rustic looking journal like no other. We make them out of cotton and turn them into “Oil Cloth” or “Wax Cloth” also known as “Tin Cloth”. These are all hand made from our own recipe. Different colors may be available and all dyes are naturally dyed and wildcrafted. You can Contact Robert for more information about these Journal covers or Bushcraft Journal kits. 



2018 Journal Kits


Includes 1-20 sheet Materia Medica, 1-20 Sheet Herbarium, and 1 flower press. Come with all four How to Hand outs. 

Price $10 have a few discounted $5 kits

Bushcraft Journal Kit


Natural tin cloth color kits. No dyes made on white cotton cloth. Includes everything you need to put it together plus 10 sheets of rite in the rain paper and Cedar pencile. 

Price $20

Journals How-to

A closer look at the Journal kit