Canyon Center


This will be the first year that Seven Pines Survival will be hosting classes at the Canyon Center. We are looking forward to this new opportunity and partnership with the Canyon Center and hope you can come out and join us. The Canyon Center already offers many great programs for kids, family, and even schools. Providing great opportunity to learn about the natural world in new and fun ways. 

Seven Pines Survival will be providing it own brand of classes about the outdoors, you can expect to see some of the traditional classes and some new classes will be available. Being right down the road from the Traveling Herbalist and a short skip away from DeSoto this place will provide some great opportunity to explore Lookout Mountain.

Not only will Seven Pines Survival be providing many public classes at the Canyon Center we will also be working with the Field School and providing classes to the school that will be taking field trips to the Canyon Center. 

Make sure you check back for new classes, because some additional classes will be added soon. Seven Pines Survival will also be hosting some Home Schooling programs at the canyon center, so if you are interested make sure to e-mail us and ask to be put on our e-mail list. 


Program List


Files coming soon.

Mini Survival Adventure

Day long Backpacking course

Orienteering class

Bowdrill Class