Mini Survival Day

This class is as much centered around getting outside and learning in nature as it is about Surviving in nature. Everything we will be doing will end with a hands on portion. This class is for kids 7 and up, younger kids will be grouped up and older kids will work alone with most activities. The harder and longer activities kids will be working as a group to accomplish the task. 

We will be going over the basics of survival, shelter, fire, and water all hands on. There will be a presentation on outdoor safety, fire safety, and knife safety. They will learn about proper dress, heat loss and gain, and basics of a survival kit. Lastly we will be going over what to do if you do get lost, and how to signal for help using your survival kit. 

If you would like to schedule a private event for your organization. You can contact us for arrangements. 

Information About

Addtional Information:

Upon registering for the class you will be sent a e-mail with all the additional information, to include:

Drop off location/time

Pick up location/time

List of Activities and Where

What to wear

Snack / Lunch to pack

What to bring

Point of Contact

Desoto State Park

One World Adventure Company will be bring this program to you for Desoto State Park, you can go to their web page for more information and registration. 

Floyd State Park

Seven Pines Survival will be adding some dates in the next month for this summer.

Contact Information

Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions.