Nature's Classroom

This is a great program if you want to start your child in outdoor development learning the basic skills of wild crafting, naturalist studies, tracking, and a deeper respect and hands on connection with nature. This program, along with the Plant Discovery Class, will provide a well rounded experience for your child's development that is hard to find anywhere else, encouraging creativity, improving motor skills, and developing a relationship with the natural world around them.

Every day will start with a un-structure free time. This will take place along a trail or open field area. Where the kids will be give a basic goal/purpose and how they complete it or what they do as they complete it is up to them, as long as they work together and play safe.

The outdoor education activity focuses on learning about local animals. Depending on resources they will get to feel the pelt of the animal, examine the skull, and collect a track sample. They will be required to complete a simple project about the animal and tell its story.

The creative learning activity is broken up into three different subjects that we will explore over the course of the class. This will include sensory awareness, a natural art project, team building games, some Native American games, and if time allows we will make some of our own outdoor gear.

This program is designed for schools, clubs, and groups. This course requires regular participation over the course of the program.  A classroom located in an outdoor setting allows for a relaxed atmosphere and easy flow of information. Each class is approximately two and half hours long, allowing time to cover each subject. The entire length of the program is adjustable and be can be extended over a season or longer. The location can change providing a variety of environments for the kids to explore. 

Explore, Discover, and Learn

If you are looking to get your child outside playing outdoors and learning about the outdoors this is what this class is about. SPS want to get them doing things outside in both an instructive educational setting and in a self-educational setting, to learn about the outdoors. Giving them the chance to participate with nature and to explore, discover, and learn.

Additional Information

Upon registering for the class you will receive an e-mail with additional information to include:

Where to meet

What to wear

Snack/Lunch to pack

What to bring

Point of Contact


There will be take home items at the end of every class, along with classroom work and mini books that can be collected and added to a master journal. 

Discount will be given to large families. Call or e-mail for additional information. 

DeSoto State Park

Alabama Forest Classroom will be done on the weekend to open the class up to school kids, park visitors, and homeschooler. Starting in April SPS will be hosting several outdoor educational classes from plant educations to Nature awareness.  

"Sloppy" Floyd State Park

Twice a month SPS will be hosting this class at "Sloppy" Floyd State Park. On 561 acres with two lakes and 5 miles in hiking trails plus the Pinhoti trail that boarders the park, there is plenty of opportunity to explore, discover, and learn.

Please join SPS and "Sloppy" Floyed State Park to learn about our natural resources and build a connection and understanding with nature. 

Contact Information

Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions.