Outdoor Educations

These are great programs if you want to start your child in outdoor development learning the basic skills of wild crafting, naturalist studies, tracking, and a deeper respect and hands on connection with nature. These programs will provide a well rounded experience for your child's development that is hard to find anywhere else, encouraging creativity, improving motor skills, and developing a relationship with the natural world around them.

The Outdoor Education programs provide SPS a opportunity to create classes the way we want to. SPS believes in taking a different approach with its programs. In writing the curriculum we make sure to include three basic elements. We provide the basic knowledge needed for the lesson at hand. Its also even more important in our time to provide the hands on experience, something that isn't as wildly available as knowledge now a days. Lastly we try to create a connect with what we are leaning or where we are learning it. This is something else that is being lost. 

To help facilitate learning we try to take our time and really focuse on the simple idea of Presentation, Demonstration, and then the kids do a hands-on Reproducing of what we learned. On top of that we encourage the parents to get involve in these classes so they can continued the learning process long after the class is done and everyone gone home. 

These program are designed for schools, homeschoolers, clubs, and organizations. These programs requires regular participation over the course of the year/season.  A classroom located in an outdoor setting allows for a relaxed atmosphere and easy flow of information. 

Each segment in a class is approximately half to one and a half hours long, allowing time to cover each subject. The entire length of the program is adjustable and can be extended over a season. The location can change providing a variety of environments for the kids to explore. 

Explore, Discover, and Learn

If you are looking to get your child outside playing outdoors and learning about the outdoors this is what this class is about. SPS want to get them doing things outside in both an instructive educational setting and in a self-educational setting, to learn about the outdoors. Giving them the chance to participate with nature and to explore, discover, and learn.

The idea of learning though exploring, discovering, and learning about it, is something that SPS believes in and encourage. We try to provide the opportunity and knowledge to help this take place.  The outdoor classroom is just about the subject material its about providing it at a location to help the idea of learning though Exploration, Discovery, and learning. 

These unique material and locations also helps your child to build a bound with nature. This bound is stronger because they get a chance to directly participate with the natural world around them.

Nature Discovery Classroom

Forest Discovery Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Primitive Skills