Plant Discovery Walk

There is nothing as cool as the ability to build your own reference library. This class help you do just that. You will build your own Materia Medica, and Herbarium journal while learning about your local plants. Each student will be supplied with a Materia Medica Journal, Herbarium Journal, and a Flower Press. 

Each walk will last two and a half hours and will focus on four different plants. We will Identify the plant, draw the plant, take a sample to press, and use our senses to discover the properties of the plants. 

The Materia Medica will include basic botany information about the plant. Medicinal uses of the plant focus on Energetics and general properties of the plant, as well as there edibility. This Materia Medica is the first step in learning how to use plants medicinally and their edibility. 

The Herbarium Journal is where you will draw your plant on one page and place your pressed sample on the opposite side of the page. Just like the Materia Medica, the Herbarium has a rich history of exploration and discovery from the basics to a detailed Materia Medica.

Walks will occur at different locations throughout the year. Typically, a plant won’t be covered more than once at any location per year. This will allow students to choose where they want to learn about plants and what kind of plants they want to learn about. Each walk will cover a specific topic such as edible trees, toxic plants, lawn weeds, etc.

Additional Information

Upon registering for the class you will receive an e-mail with additional information to include:

Where to meet

What to wear

Snack/Lunch to pack

What to bring

Point of Contact


It's also worth noting, if you are particular as to what you use to draw with you should bring your own supplies. SPS provide #2 pencils and color pencils. SPS suggest bring a camera to take reference photos for later. 

Family discounts available. Call or email for additional information. 

Desoto State Park

Once a month SPS will be hosting this class at Desoto State Park. With 25 miles of hiking trails and a great relationship with the park there will be many wonderful opportunities to learn about plants. Please join SPS and Desoto State Park to learn about our natural resources and build a connection with and understanding of nature. 

If classes fill up and the weather is good SPS will add an additional class for that week, more then likely it will be the next day/that Sunday. 

"Sloppy" Floyd State Park

That's right Georgia, SPS will be heading to your State Parks to provid you with a number of outdoor programs to include this one.  Dates TBA

Little River Preserve

Planned to be partnered with OWAC for this walk. More information TBA 

Lake Guntersville State Park


Contact Information

Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions.