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Learning about plants can at first become very daunting, one of the first obstacles you find yourself having is remembering the names of plants and then how to identify them yourselves. Then comes knowing how to use these plants, when to use them, and determining what plants to even use. What about the edible side? What’s edible what’s not, how do you make it edible? 

Over the years SPS will be putting together its own plant educational curriculum that will answer these questions and more. I will center around native plants, how to use them, how to eat them, and how to make stuff out of them. The foundation of these program will center around your personal Material Medica, Herbarium, and a Stillroom journal. 

Currently SPS has two programs from last year the Plant Discovery Class which centers around Identifying Native plants in your area. In this program we are using our Materia Medica and Herbarium. The other program is the Plant Discovery Walk where we go out and identify different Native plants on a walk. This class been around since 2014 and will be free and focuses on just Identifying the plants with some basic info about that plant. 

Newer class for 2019 includes the Plant Discovery Online, which is like the Plant Discovery Class, but everything will be online in detail videos. These Videos will include a single plant with all the info you can find in the Materia Medica as well with the location where the plant is.  More info is provided below.

Another new class for the kidos is Nature Classroom which the name been reused but it will focus on plants and plant botany and “how to” identify plants. This class will be good for adults to and later on I will have an Adult version of the class. The animal portion of the class is called the Forest Classroom if you want to read about that. 

Make sure you stay tuned for new classes that could be coming later on in this year or next year. 


If you are enrolled in any of our classes we have a special page for you that you can access with a lot of additional information and downloads. 

Student Page

Seven Pines Survival Plant Journals


There is nothing as cool as the ability to build your own reference library. Seven Pines Survival as built a curriculum around the Materia Medica and Herbarium journals that are hand made by “The Traveling Herbalist” You can even get Oil cloth or Wax cloth to build a more rustic personal journal from.  


Each Journal set includes a Materia Medica journal. It will a work sheet for basic botany information about the plant. Medicinal uses of the plant focus on Energetics and general properties of the plant, as well as their edibility. This Materia Medica is the first step in learning how to use plants medicinally and their edibility. Each book as enough pages for 20 plants and its easy to add to these journals. 

If you are interested in some “how to” videos on your journal or more information you can click on the link "Journals". 


The set also include a press and Herbarium Journal. This is where you will draw your plant on one page and place your pressed sample on the opposite side of the page. Just like the Materia Medica, the Herbarium has a rich history of exploration and discovery from the basics to a detailed Materia Medica.

If you would like to purchase your own journals, they are $20 for the kit and $10 for a new Materia Medica and Herbarium. Email for information. 


Plant Discovery Hike

Natures Classroom

Plant Discovery Online