Plant Identification Hike

Checking out some Wild Mushrooms (Chanterelle) on a hike.

About Plant Hikes

     Plant Discover Walk was one of my first classes I did for Desoto State Park back in 2014, it has been an ever evolving class with new plants and information. These walks are what it says, a discovery of all the great plants that are in your State Park and their potential uses.  Over the years my walks have always lasted one to two hours, usually the later. I know everyone needs a schedule but let me just say we will start on time but we will walk as long as there is interest, something to talk about, and nature lets us. Even though this is a “Plant Identification Walk", it may not be limited to just plants. In truth this is a discover walk of all things and given enough time and distance walked; who knows what we will find or see.  

     I like to try and make loops but this year there is no guarantee where we might go and end up. We are going to follow our feet, walk, learn, and see where we end up. I always suggest to people to bring a camera, note pad, pencil, and some WATER! Wear good hiking shoes, have rain gear on standby.

Student limit and price

No registration and free


All Desoto Walks will start at the Country Store or at the Lodge. If the park has any Wildflower ID books I suggest you get one and ear mark the pages as we walk around and ID all these great plants. 

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"Sloppy" Floyd

The walk will start at the upper lake park area and we will meet up by the bathrooms before we head off. If you have a Wildflower book I suggest you bring it and ear mark the pages. 

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Contact Robert Wilson at if you have any questions or would like to register.