Primitve Skills

Primitive Arts and Craft Program

I want to put out some individual class base on essential primitive skills along with a program for kids to learn how to wildcraft and make utilitarian type things out of nature resources. Before I put this program out there, I would like to try it these activity with different age groups.

SPS has a 16-week program written up already. For the next year we would like to offer these classes for free to family. You will have to come to DeSoto for the classes and it would be one family per class. If this is something your interested in you will need to contact Robert at Seven Pines Survival let him know that your interested generally when you available and size of your family and ages. You can email him at

Some of the thing we will be building and skills we will be learning are: Knife/axe safety, primitive skills like napping/weaving/pottery, primitive weapons, musical instruments, and more art and craft type stuff.


You can check out Seven Pines Survival YouTube channel for fun videos of activities you can do outside with your kids. As well with some primitive skills and fun videos of SPS classes. 

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