Private Land Walk

Do you have some land? Are you buying some? Having a herbalist come down and walk your property with you telling you what you have and how to use it. The Traveling Herbalist will be happy to come down to your land and do a private land walk. This give you a chance to learn about the native plant growing around your house and some possible uses for them. We suggest you buy some orange marker flag to number them and keep a log as to which plant is what. 

You can expect the walk to last a few hours, there are no set time on these walks. We walk until we can’t walk no more or until we don’t have time to any more.  Robert has spent the large portion of a day walking large track of land exploring and identifying plants and signs before. 

If this is something your interested in contact Seven Pines Survival, typical price for local residents is $20. But depending on the distance the price will vary some. Please e-mail us at with any questions. 

The Traveling Herbalist

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