Unique Classes for your organization

Customize it for your organization

For the last year (2018) SPS has been able to do many custom classes for different organizations. We like to keep this option a avalible for people. When it come to outdoor education there are many different hing to learn in many different ways. Why our way may not check off all the boxes you need or maybe you want a large variety of activities. 

You can also request to do any of my classes for just your organization.  Or include more verity in what you may be hosting by including Seven Pines Survival. We have experience doing many different events for many different type of customers.

Basic price guide per about 25 students, but highly recommend smaller groups. Typical price is $75 for half of day (usually 3 hours or less) $150 for a full day, and $300 for over night. Material and driving distance will also factor in as well. Prices are flexible depending on organization, class size, location, and activity. 

Hosting a Event

If you are interested in SPS coming and hosting a even at your location or a location provided by SPS. Feel free to e-mail us and we will discusse topics, curriculum, and price.

Past Examples



I have done a number of classes for the cub scouts. From wilderness walks, Firecraft, and wild edibles. The classes have been design to meet the requirements for their belt loops.

Girl Scouts (2019)

Providing classes, gear, and location for a backpacking trip at DeSoto state park. The girls will get to go out on a over night camping trip and a Backpacking trip. They will learn and experience many of the skills needed to accomplish this. 

Homes Schools

Done some specific outdoor classes to include arts and craft, plant walks, and edibles. At a number of public locations from Alabama to Georgia. 


Provided youth events for churches that included wild edibles, outdoor games, and nature walks. 


Been to a few different function as a "vendor" were I brough a lot of activity items, show and tell, demonstrations, and walks.

Helped host Field trips

Helped with outdoor educational field trips for private organazations, state parks, and JSU field school. This include fun hands on survival activitys themed (Example hands on survival activity from the book "Hatchet"). Also done animal demonstration, and plant walks.