Robert Wilson taught his first survival class in Jan. 2014 at little river canyon center, it was day long class with demonstrations. Ever since then SPS has taught numerusse survival class for kids and family's. When you take a survival class with SPS it is a combination of many different teachings and points of views combine into one class. Robert is always trying to go to new schools to learn new ideas to bring back home to teach. 

A Survival class is not only essential for preparing for outdoors adventures it is also a great way to get out and learn outdoor skills. SPS current and basic class focus on survival for the beginner, where preparation is the key. Our current basic survival class focus on core skill for survival for the first three days. These basic skills are shelter, fire craft, water, and rescue. 

We are looking forward to adding a more intermediate class and a advance class for older kids and adults in the future. They will focus on the essential skills but with more primitive skills along with other skills to take you past that 3-day marker. 

You can expect the survival class be specific for that location and the session it is being taught. If it’s a winter class our survival kit and how we teach the technique of the basic skill will reflect these colder wetter months. This include the environment as well, while any class taught locally is good for most of the Eastern United States within its woodland environment. This is important due to common plant species, animals, and survival priorities.  

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If you want to learn more about which school Robert has gone to, you can view his Bio for that information. 

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Mini Survival

This is a fun day long class that is design for Kids, or family’s depending on date and locations. We focus on preparation, what to do, and core skills all more inline for kids.

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Overnight Survival

This class is more for a family or adults, we focus on the same skills as the mini survival class but give you the option of being more immerse in the class with an overnight adventure. 

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