Wildcrafted Meals

Meal Information


Robert has been hosting Wildcrafted meals for guest of DeSoto State Park for years now. This will be the first year Seven Pines Survival is doing it. When you rent a cabin or chalet you can have Robert come down and fix you a wildcrafted breakfast that was harvested in the woods. 

He will come down in the morning set up and start preparing everything, this will give you the opportunity to taste some wild treat that the woodland around you have to offer. Everything is processes before showing up which take many hours walking thought he woods gathering the ingredients. Then typically these ingredients have to be process to something edible which can take hours to days. 

These meals are not 100% wild foraged food, modern ingredients are added to add a more pleasing taste, texture, and look that we are use to in the modern world. Don’t worry though what you will be trying will taste, look, and even feel different then what you are use to and will be a new experience. 

Price is typically $50 for the family, you have to register and make payment in advance. 




Squirrel in gravy

Eastern Gray Squirrel in a Acorn bread batter, served in  a black walnut gravy. Squirrel was taken during squirrel sesson either by bow or gun. 


Pancakes made from either Acorn, Chaga, or Curly dock. Home made pancake mix is made this can be a typical pancake mix or a gluten free and/or egg free pancake mix. Your choice. 

French toast

Made from Acorn bread and free range eggs. Bread is made the night before but the French toast is made on the spot. You choice of Acorn mixed with white or wheat flour or SPS homemade gluten free flour. 


Many different syrups are can be offered, but suggests syrups are Shaggbark hickory (highly recommend), Chagga, Blackberry, and Syrup tapped from trees (ask if any available) 

Frittatas or Crepes

Frittatas are made with some kind of green added to it like dandelion. Can also make it with flower like red bud or cattail. All sessional depended and what is stored away.  Crepes made from either Curly dock or Acorns. There will be a number of option for the fruit type filling. 

Coffees and Teas

Wide range of Coffee and teas are available. But some of the more popular ones for breakfasts are Chagga, New Jersey Tea, and Yaupon Holly. You can ask for more options.