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Over the years SPS has done many wildcrafting classes and in some way almost every class SPS does can be seen as a “wildcrafting” class. But to better separate the Nature classes, Bushcraft/Survival classes, and Medicinal, from the Wildcrafting classes. SPS has decided if it’s an edible class with a mix of modern ingredient with wild harvest ingredients, or a utilitarian class (which are typically Bushcraft) where we gather something by hand but may use modern convenience to process or make the item then it’s a “wildcrafting” class. 

In 2017 SPS did 5 Wildcrafting classes based around single plants, I’m afraid I did not bring these classes back for 2018 but SPS does want plan to revisit these classes for the future and build upon them. Now for 2019 SPS still would like to do some Wildcrafting classes, so keep your eye out for that.

But something new SPS will be doing with DeSoto state park is offering Wildcrafted meals. Robert Wilson has been doing this for about two years now. But hasn't been something officially done with with SPS. 

SPS Native Plant education classes

If you are interested in learning more about our native plants. Everything from edible, medicinal, and utilitarian. You can visit the below page for more information. Over the coming years this program will be expanding even more. Expanding to include folk healing, making medicine, and specific wild edibles. 

Plant Education

Classes at DeSoto State Park


Wildcrafted Meal

The items for these meals are harevest and prepared before class and cook for you on location. 

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Harvesting Classes

Harvest your own food and process it to take home and cook with on your own time.